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Parents are important partners in the college search process, so I wish more parents would ask what they should do during a campus visit. I suspect there is a lack of opportunity during the layered steps of the college search.

Believe me, as an admissions professional I want to establish a good relationship with parents. But it’s hard to find the right balance. Not many colleges help parents understand their role and very few of the publications I’ve seen address parents.

So, parents, since your role is so important, here are a few suggestions for ways to keep your student’s best interests at the forefront during a campus visit:

Leave the younger kids at home — Many families think it’s good experience for younger children to visit colleges along with the student going through the college search. I understand the reasoning behind this, but I urge some caution and recommend that parents keep the focus on the student engaged in the college search. Make the visit about them — their questions,...

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