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Hall College Consulting  makes no representations, warranties or guarantees about admission to any school. 

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My son, a high school senior, shares a roof with a father who also happens to be the dean of admission at a selective college.  As a former teenager myself, I know how tough it can be sometimes to follow your parents’ advice, which is why I accepted the invitation last month to offer college application essay-writing workshops to six senior English classes at Appleton North.

My son would be in one of those classes, which meant that I’d have his undivided attention—or at least his inability to leave the room—for 48 whole minutes so I could tell him all the things I wanted him to know about conceiving and crafting his college essay, something that the dad in me knew would be a tougher task at home. 

Just thinking about it made me twirl my imaginary waxy villain handlebar mustache (mwah-ha-ha).

The workshops went off without a hitch. I shared a handful of what I thought were helpful nuggets about how to write a successful college application essay. Nobody fell asleep. Mission accomplished.


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