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Hall College Consulting  makes no representations, warranties or guarantees about admission to any school. 

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Holiday decorations have been put away, you're trying to keep up with your New Year's resolutions, and that fruitcake has been re-gifted. It's time to think about gearing up for the college process with your high school junior! When I first started college counseling, I assumed it was mostly a matter of matching students to colleges, with parents playing a primary but mostly supportive role. Coming from the college side of admission, which was usually remote from family dynamics, I had yet to see that the process exerts its influence on nearly every aspect of family life, often stressing hidden fault lines.

Over the years, I've had parents demand that their student apply to their alma maters despite his or her own preferences; divorced parents nearly coming to blows over their child's college choices (with him in the room); parents in tears because their child didn't get into a favored institution; parents clueless about their children's interests or goals; parents refusing to pay excep...

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