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Hall College Consulting

The college search and application process can be a stressful one.  The search for the "perfect" college can drive both students and parents crazy, and can raise many questions about whether college is even worth the effort and expense that goes into it.  

"College" is a very expensive purchase.  Which college meets your needs is the first step in the college search process and you, as consumers, have the right to be just as selective as the colleges that make admissions decisions.  That means "name brand" isn't as important, ultimately, as finding a place to spend four years learning what you love in a place you really enjoy.  

College preparation can begin as early as Freshman year, with planning course selection and extracurriculars that are meaningful to you.  I work with you one-on-one to narrow down choices, and then collaborate during your Junior year and the Summer before Senior year to try to get as much application work done as possible, including testing and essays.  I do this so Seniors can enjoy their final year of high school in as stress-free a manner as possible, and still have time for sports, internships, community service or work.  That being said, even students who begin college applications in the Fall and Winter can do so in an efficient, timely manner - and we can help.

Jill Terry Hall

Prior to her career in College Consulting, Jill Hall worked for 25 years in marketing, public relations and market research, in both professional and pro-bono capacities.  For ten years, Jill worked as a college advisor in a college-prep public high school in Portland, OR, starting as a parent volunteer and advancing to the primary college process and application advisor from 2011-2016.  In Fall 2016, she became  an independent college consultant, offering comprehensive one-on-one college search and application advice.

Jill Hall is a member of the Higher Education Consultants Assn. (HECA,) National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC,) the Pacific Northwest Association of College Admission Counselors (PNACAC)  and the Portland Area Consortium of College Counselors (PACCC,) and in 2017 completed the College Advising Continuing Education Program at the Teachers College of Columbia University.  In January 2018, Jill completed the NACAC online course Financial Aid 1010:  Fundamentals of Financial Aid.

Jill collaborates with teachers, counselors, test prep experts and other advisors to bring each student the advantage of a college consulting team.

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