• Jill Hall

In The Wake Of the College Admissions Scandal

I'm sure you've been reading the news about people found cheating to gain college admissions by faking test scores and fictitious participation in sports (among other things.) I wasn't going to address this, because I feel very secure in my practice: working with my clients to communicate their unique academic and extracurricular talents and interests in a legitimate way to find the best fit for them in college.

However, you should know that my profession is guided by a code of ethics and professional practices that strive to make sure all students are treated equally throughout the admissions process. I belong to the National Association for College & Admission Counseling (NACAC,) the Pacific Northwest Association for College & Admission Counseling (PNACAC) and the Portland Area Consortium of College Counselors (PACC,) and I adhere to their standards.

I'm happy that the individuals charged to date have not been members of my professional organizations, nor have they been admissions personnel at any college. This "gaming" of the system is appalling, and does a huge disservice to students - both these peoples' own children, and those students who were denied from these institutions because these children were admitted.

My goal is to work with you to find somewhere you'll be happy to spend four life-changing years, and to know that you were in control of the process and its outcome. This is both exciting and empowering, and sets you up for success.

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