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Congratulations to the Class of 2020!

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

I was lucky enough to work with smart, creative, interesting, philanthropic, FUN Seniors this year, and they were very successful with their college applications. This exceptional group had 90 acceptances to 70 different colleges and universities. Of all Hall College Consulting client applications, 79 percent of admissions decisions were Acceptances, 16 percent were Denials, and 5 percent were Waitlists.

Here are the colleges to which my clients were accepted. Boldface indicates colleges that one or more students are attending. I'm so proud of this group, and can't wait to hear how they change the world!

American University- I

U of Arizona Honors – II

Arizona State University - I Arizona State University – Barrett Honors College III

Belmont University - I

Bowdoin College - I

University of British Columbia – III

University of California-Davis - I

University of California – Santa Barbara - III

University of California-San Diego - I

Cal Poly – San Luis Obispo - I

Chapman University - II

College of Charleston - I

University of Colorado-Boulder - I

Colorado State University - I

Denison University - I

University of Denver - I

Gonzaga University - II

Grinnell College - I

Indiana University - I

Ithaca College - I

University of Kentucky - I

Loyola Marymount University - II

University of Miami - I

University of Michigan - II

University of Minnesota - I

Montana State University - I

Northeastern University - I

Oberlin College - I

Occidental College - I

Ohio State University - I

University of Oregon - III

University of Oregon Clark Honors College – IIIII

Oregon State University - II

Oregon State University-Honors - IIII

Penn State University - I

Pitzer College - I

University of Portland – II

University of Puget Sound – III

University of Redlands – II

University of San Diego - I

St. Edwards University - I

St. Mary’s College – California - I

Santa Clara University -II

Scripps College-I

Seattle University -IIIII

University of Southern California -I

Southern Oregon University - I

Syracuse University - I

University of Utah – III

Utah State University - I

Utah Valley University – I

University of Vermont - I

University of Victoria - I

Whitman – II

University of Washington - IIII

Washington State University - I

Western Washington Honors – I

Willamette University - II

University of Wisconsin - I

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